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Quality recruiting - one professional is better than a full department of ignorance.

We are the Joy Hunt team

This is not the first year our team has been increasing its momentum in search of first-class specialists in various fields. Starting in a small office, and looking at the current headquarters with a large number of professionals in our business, we can say for sure that we are working in the right direction and growing.
It is also worth noting that our main specialization in the search for employees in the field of production, oil and gas.

Our Advantages

Guarantee efficiency
We return the money if the employee we selected works inefficiently (measuring KPI).
Matching Speed Guarantee
We will conduct a search and selection as soon as possible so that the right specialist starts working as soon as possible.
Guarantee replacements
If the employee does not cope with the work during the trial period, the agency will quickly and free select a new one for you.

Our team

Brian Clark
Laurie Hart
Accounts Department
Denise Robinson
HR Agent
Wanda Chapman
HR Agent

Our Features

From 14% of a specialist's annual income
Our recruitment prices correspond to the quality of the services provided.
12 months warranty
We give up to 360 days guarantees for the selected employee.
1 free replacement
We will provide a replacement if the candidate does not fit, or return the money.
No prepayment
You pay for our services after the employee goes to work.

Current Recruitment Issues

The personnel paradox of the pandemic period and remote work is the difficulty in finding specialists with a small number of applicants.

Optimization of personnel costs is not a rejection of the services of an HR agency, but an investment of money with maximum benefit. An attempt to save on the services of a recruiting agency leads to losses in the future. The costs of search, adaptation, training, dismissal, turnover of incompetent personnel are the unproductive losses that need and can be avoided.
High-quality recruiting is not a formal closure of a vacancy, but the selection of the right specialist. HR trend of our time: one professional is better than a full department of ignorance.

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